Thanks to Toast Pink for their financial help during this difficult time of going through Breast Cancer treatment. Treatment is lengthy and now to find out that more surgery is needed, so more time off from work is more than scary. The award of funds is a blessing and a much needed help. Thanks to Toast Pink, it makes going through this treatment a little easier and less scary. Thank you for caring. P.H., June 2017

Dear Toast Pink, “Words can’t describe the gratitude I have the financial help you have given me. Being diagnosed with cancer is over whelming in it’s self that one never thinks of the financial burden it causes. It really helps to know that there are advocates out there to help and and all. I am so grateful for meeting such a wonderful person… (Toast Pink Advocate). She took the time to talk and listen to me, took the time to explain the work Toast Pink does. I hope that others will be able to contact you with the information I have passed to my Dr’s offices. Thank you again for your support and keep up the wonderful work. If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to contact me.” D.J., Sept, 2015.

To All of You: Simple words cannot seem to convey the thanks I and my family have for you and the organization as a whole. When I received the diagnosis of breast cancer, it was a devastating day not only for me, but my family as well. I, and we, were faced with a situation from which there was no retreat or respite. Even through my surgical & medical care there was and overshadowing of worry; not for the diagnosis and treatment, but simply how we were going to weather the storm.

When one receives such a diagnosis, any number of persons will made the off of “whatever you need or I can do”, and though most of them mean well, there is little beyond moral support and prayer that they can deliver. Then, one day, out of the blue, my husband was contacted by an old friend…..who stretched out a helping hand that we had not expected.

Toast Pink was not one of those who made an initial offer of “whatever we can do”. Truly, neither I nor my husband had ever heard of Toast Pink. When we were made aware of the organization and its goal of assisting in a multitude of ways, we were overwhelmed by the myriad of medical expenses we had never truly anticipated, in addition to the expenses of day-to-day living. When the offer of assisting us by paying our rent for a few months was made, we were speechless. Even family members couldn’t or wouldn’t make such an offer.

Were it not for Toast Pink, only God knows how we would have made it through the anxiety of not being able to pay our bills or had a place to call home. There are not words which can describe the depth of our gratitude to you and the persons who made your gift to us possible. Thank you all. M.H., Egg Harbor Twp. August, 23, 2015

Many Thanks